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2 Years


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  • Objective


The objective of this specialty is to train intermediate staff workers foe departments or services in enterprises responsible for foreign trade they should have good knowledge of trade negotiations techniques and foreign markers (cultures, functioning, and their peculiarities). Also, they should have elementary knowledge of economics and law. They should also be conversant with international logistics of trade and the functioning of customs.


  • Opportunities



  • Understand the international economy;
  • Master other languages;
  • Be apt or skillful in negotiation;
  • Understand the professional milieu;
  • Be capable of working under pressure; 
  • Be flexible;
  • Understand the factors determining competitive buying and selling in international trade transactions;
  • Manage the commercial activities of an enterprise linked to sales, buying and financing, taking into account the complexity and risk of the international market;
  • Take the necessary steps for exportation;
  • Analyze the foreign market;
  • Do clearance of goods at the customs;
  • Manage the risks linked to international payments and exchange rates;
  • Choose the sales method best adapted at the international level;
  • Buy under competitive condition;
  • Establish import-export contracts.


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