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  • The objective of the training


The objective of this specialty is to train experts in the use of the computer by participating in the production and supply of services, through the realization or adoption of infrastructural solutions and ensuring the optimal functioning of equipment.


  • Opportunities



  • Update technical documentation;
  • Coordinate the different stages of a project;
  • Manage the circulation of information;
  • Manage the working equipment;
  • Carry out study on the state of the art of the infrastructure;
  • Take charge on the relationship with suppliers and information technology service providers;
  • Measure and regulate the performance of infrastructure, equipment or computer services;
  • Install, integrate, administer, and secure the equipment and computer services;
  • Ensure the exploitation, supervision, and maintenance of an infrastructure;
  • Define and configure machines, services and interconnection equipment, and ensure their deployment and maintenance for customers;
  • Manage infrastructure assets;
  • Search for responses adapted to the evolving infrastructural needs or to problem related to the provision of computer services;
  • Resolve problems and assist users;
  • Maintain the quality of computer services.

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